The science of comfort and support

Ergonomics is not a fad or opinion – it is a science.

For over 30 years, Beds for Backs has been at the forefront of integrating ergonomics into bedding, elevating it beyond the ordinary mattresses you find in standard stores. Our ergonomic sleep solutions are designed to adapt effortlessly to your body's contours, offering relief to your shoulders, lumbar support, and hip comfort. In fact, our ErgoLife™ products are the only ergonomic mattresses, bases, and lumbar systems independently tested by leading experts from Macquarie University, Melbourne University, and Dorhman Consulting. We're also proud to be registered providers with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 


At Beds for Backs, it's not just about selling mattresses; it's about helping you discover the best mattress for your unique body. We understand that one size doesn't fit all – just like we don't all wear the same shoes or clothes. That's why we're dedicated to adjustable ergonomic sleep products that perfectly suit your body and preferences.


Support Needs to Be Personalized, and Ergonomics Is the Answer.


We're all different. Picture a stadium filled with people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and preferences. Does "one size fits all" seem like a great option? We don't think so either. It's not us versus them; it's ergonomics versus poor sleep.


Better for Every Body and Every Budget

Better sleep, less disturbance, better rest, improved well-being, more energy, and better recovery – these are the benefits you deserve when you spend a third of your life sleeping. Healthy sleep, support, and well-being have no one-size-fits-all solution, and we have the scientific evidence to prove it.


Unlike conventional mattresses, ergonomic mattresses are engineered to fully support your body for a better night's sleep. They are designed to conform to your unique physique, offering adjustable support tailored to your shape and height, relieving pressure points and providing personalized shoulder and hip support.



The Secret is Finally Out

Times are changing. Sleeping on an adjustable, ergonomic foundation is no longer exclusive to hospital beds and nursing homes. Healthy sleep is vital for a healthy life, and now, more than ever, people of all ages are embracing products designed specifically for their needs. Our ergonomic mattresses and beds are sleep solutions that adjust to your body, your needs, and your life. 



Experience an Ergonomic Transformation

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