Debunking the Myth-Is Latex hot?

Debunking the Myth-Is Latex hot?

20 May, 2021

We spend nearly a third of our life sleeping, we most definitely need a good night’s sleep. To get the best of sleep what would be the determining factor of choosing a mattress?

Of course you need a mattress that is supportive

Let us assume that you found the right support needed for your back and body through the science of ergonomics in bedding.

Lovely, how do you go about choosing your comfort layer? The Temperature is a determining factor. I would hate to spend thousands of dollars on mattress and end up hating it because it is too hot.


So we at Beds for Backs are here to Debunk The Myth- Is Latex hot?

Generally, sleeping on natural materials like latex will help you sleep comfortably cool through out the night. However, there is this huge misconception that latex mattresses are hot to sleep on. Let us explore this further

Latex is not Memory Foam!

Natural latex lets you sleep cooler than synthetic materials such as polyurethane foam or memory foam. Latex has an open-cell structure that allows the mattress to breathe. Air circulation can be achieved with the pin holes that are created during production. When you change sleep position at night, the air moves in and out through the pin holes and open-cell structure making you feel a lot cooler and comfortable.

On the contrary, polyurethane foam and memory form are closed-cell structure causing for the heat to be trapped into the mattress to a greater extent causing a lot of people to sleep hot.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the difference as both latex and memory foam take the shape of your body. But in reality are quite different to each other. Latex is made naturally by processing the sap of rubber trees, whereas memory foam is synthetically made through a petroleum based product which traps heat.

Now you must be wondering where the reputation of Latex being hot comes from?

You must also understand the fabrics that cover latex to make it a mattress. Many bedding manufacturers want to sell the most luxurious, plushest mattress. As latex is expensive than metal spring and polyurethane foam, manufactures use materials like polyurethane foam and polyester sheets to make the mattress feel plusher and fluffier causing the mattress to become HOT!

Those mattresses that come with a high percentage of synthetic fibres will feel hotter than those with natural fibres. The same rule of thumb applies for bedding and duvets. I am sure most of you cover your mattress with a waterproof mattress protector, this does not necessarily cause heat but it is less breathable than a natural fibre mattress protector.

Beds for Backs Eco Latex mattresses are constructed with three layers of natural organic latex (We have a certificate to show you the authenticity ;)) with coconut fibre encased in a soft bamboo breathable cover. The combination of these materials ensures maximum breathability and allowing your latex mattress to conform well to your body shape and perform at its peak.


Why not make sure you choose something with utmost comfort and ultimate support.