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Ergolife Zero Stress Ergonomic Bases

Collection: Ergolife Zero Stress Ergonomic Bases


Adjust your slats higher or lower, to suit the curvature of your spine.  Give yourself more or less support - exactly where you need it.   Make the Bed, Fit your body.

These "Zero Stress" beds, shape the surface under the mattress) Is arguably the very best body supportive system in the world today. Many people talk about and promise body alignment and support, the ERGOlife Zero-stress range delivers it in spades. Consisting of a series of cross-posture slats that can be adjusted vertically (+ve or –ve), the zero-stress range of under-the-mattress adjustment systems allows you to shape the surface on which your mattress rests with millimeter precision in order to achieve maximum comfort which is only possible when ‘natural body alignment & support’ is obtained from your bed.


The Zero Stress base consists of 6 control slats each of which allows you are to increase or decrease support from your shoulders to mid-thigh with millimetre perfect precision moulding the mattress to your unique body shape.

Our Dial base is the ultimate Zero Stress product and the only product that contours the mattress to your body reducing stress on spinal discs and joints as well as optimising support pressure for maximum blood flow.

Independent partner zones mean you can configure and personalise each side of the bed to suit you and your partners needs. Some call it genius but think of our Dial base like the adjustable seats in your car.


Already own a slat base? Perhaps budget is a concern or you don’t require the flexibility of our Dial Base. Perhaps you want the comfort of home at the holiday house? We’ve got you covered. Our Zero Stress kits are designed with you in mind. Utilising the same principals as the dial base, this easy to assemble kit is affordable and portable. Simply remove your existing slats, pop in the Zero Stress kit, adjust the height and lumbar to suit and prepare yourself for a great nights sleep.


ErgoLife Zero Stress products transform your mattress from ‘comfy cushion’ into a genuine body support bed system giving you quality sleep with quicker recovery from strenuous work or exercise while preventing and lowering the risk of developing serious back conditions

Zero Stress works best with mattresses that are flexible and ‘able to contour, compress and stretch’ moulding to the bodies curves. In fact we are so committed to offering the ultimate in ergonomic support we will only sell our Zero Stress products in conjunction with one of our specially engineered mattresses to ensure you finally experience the elusive ‘perfect nights sleep’.


Because there are no continual moving parts, the Zero Stress Dial Base system is a once in a lifetime purchase.

Our products are engineered the highest quality so that when it comes time to replace your old mattress simply place your new one on top of our base, fine tune the adjustment to suit your body shape and look foward to another 10 years of perfect sleep. Too easy!

Bulking up, trimming down, pregnant, injured, growth spurt or mattress begning to show signs of aging? Our Zero Stress systems adapts to your life – for the rest of yours.

Exclusively at Beds for Backs.

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5 products


5 products

About our Artisan Designer Bed Frames

Designer Artisan Upholstered Bed Bases.  Made and Upholstered right here in Melbourne.

Locally sourced fabrics from Profile Fabrics and Warwick Fabrics.

Alpha Bases are 290mm in height - Plus the legs

Euro Style Bases are 190mm in height - Plus the Legs

Floating Style Bases - Look like they do not have legs BUT they do.  They are set approx 250mm into the base - so cannot be seen when standing...

All bases will come with standard Black Timber Legs at 60mm height.

Designer Legs can be purchased seperately.

All Bases come Split in halve.  The split goes East / West across the Bed.

You have the option of Adding a Designer Bedhead as well.  To be able to join to the base, it is best, they are bought at the same time.   Otherwise if you purchase them seperately, the bedhead will have to remain, free standing

Exclusive from Australian Manufacturer and Cabinet Maker - Drawers $150 each

Drawers only available in the Alpha Base .

Drawers NOT Available in Euro Style Design.

*Bed Heads Not included in Price


Single, and King Single can have up to 2 drawers - Please specify LHS or RHS - When standing at foot of bed looking at it

Double, Queen and King can have up to 4 drawers - If 1 or 2, please specify which side of bed - When standng at the foot end looking at your base.


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