NDIS approved

NDIS Support at Beds for Backs

At Beds for Backs, we are proud to be an NDIS approved provider, offering a wide range of products tailored to meet the needs of individuals living with a disability. Our NDIS-approved products include beds, adjustable beds, mattresses, recliner chairs, pillows, and mattress protectors. We are here to support you in achieving greater comfort and improved well-being.


Understanding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS):

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded program designed to provide financial support to Australians living with disabilities. It aims to empower individuals and their caregivers by offering direct funding, enabling access to essential services and products that enhance their quality of life.

NDIS funding can be utilized for various tailored services and assistive products, including home modifications, specialized care, occupational therapy, and equipment to support participation in daily activities, recreation, or education.



Managing Your NDIS Plan:

There are three primary ways to manage your NDIS plan:

  1. Self-Management: If you choose self-management, the NDIS provides funding for you to access the supports that align with your goals. You pay for your supports directly and then claim reimbursement from the NDIS. Self-managers are responsible for understanding what can be claimed under their plan.

  2. Plan-Managed Funding: Under plan-managed funding, the NDIS allocates funds for a Plan Manager who handles payments to your providers, helps you manage your budget, and handles financial reporting. We can provide a quote to your plan manager, and once approved, we supply the products to you.

  3. Agency-Managed Funding: With agency-managed funding, the NDIS pays your providers directly. As an NDIS registered provider, Beds for Backs can submit claims directly to the NDIS if your plan is agency-managed.



Assistive Technology (AT) Explained:

Assistive Technology (AT) comprises equipment and devices designed to assist individuals in performing tasks they may find challenging due to their disabilities. AT can also enhance ease and safety in daily activities.

The NDIS categorizes AT into three cost levels:

  • Low Cost AT (Under $1,500): Typically funded through the Core – Consumables section of your budget. Examples include continence products, rollators, non-slip mats, walking sticks, and basic shower chairs or stools.

  • Mid Cost AT ($1,500 to $15,000): Requires AT to be included in the Capital section of your budget. Written evidence, such as a report from your AT advisor, is necessary. Examples include lift recliners, adjustable beds, and pressure care mattresses.

  • High Cost AT (Over $15,000): Also part of the Capital section of your budget, high-cost AT requires an assessment from a qualified AT assessor and a formal quote. Examples include complex hoists, bariatric hilo beds, and high-care pressure care mattresses.

How Beds for Backs Can Assist You:

Beds for Backs is here to support your NDIS plan by offering:

  • Service Bookings: We are a registered NDIS provider and can create service bookings directly on the NDIS portal for agency-managed plans.
  • Expert Advice: Our experienced consultants can discuss your specific needs and demonstrate products during a free consultation at our showroom.
  • Product Information and Quotes: We collaborate with your AT advisor and plan managers to ensure you receive the right supports within your budget.

At Beds for Backs, our mission is to enhance your comfort and well-being, making your life more enjoyable. Contact us to explore how we can assist you with your NDIS plan