How to Buy a Mattress with your Partner

How to Buy a Mattress with your Partner

02 July, 2020

Two different people with two different sets of needs trying to purchase the same bed… The last thing you want to do is fight about it. But it might be the first thing you do without a little forward planning and advice. Let’s try to make it a little bit easier for you.


Talk about it first

What are BOTH of your needs? Make a list. Good salespeople will have the knowledge to sell you the mattress which addresses ALL of the issues.
These are the criteria you need to address. If either or both of you have:

  • Back or neck problems – determines the type of support needed inside the mattress
  • Tend to get too hot at night –determines which padding is needed inside the bed. Latex, memory foam or foam
  • Partner disturbance –determines whether you need pocket springs or full foam. Or you may be ok with any type of springs
  • Comfort preferences – determines whether you have a soft, medium or firmer layer of the padding you have selected.


It’s amazing how many couples go shopping without first discussing budget. Your shopping experience runs much more smoothly if you have worked this out together beforehand. It means disagreements and faster joint decisions.


Get onto Google first to see what’s out there and what it means. Being armed with knowledge means it’s much less likely you’ll be diddled by an unscrupulous salesperson.

During your shopping trip

You need to see what’s inside the mattress

Beware of any shops which don’t have samples to show you what sort of springs and padding are inside the mattress. You need to be able to touch and see the quality of the springs as well as the padding. Not all latex is created equal. Are you sure it is gel memory foam in there just because they tell you? Good bed shops will manufacture their own beds right here in Australia and can show you samples of what’s inside the mattress.

Make the most of the Salesperson

A good salesperson should be incredibly knowledgeable. Let them know all of your criteria so they can help you pick out the best bed for your needs. They enjoy it! Ask lots of questions. If you’re after latex, check that it is certified. Find out where beds are manufactured. If it’s made in China you’re stuck with that bed even if, after sleeping on it, it doesn’t suit. If they make their own beds they will be able to alter it for you. There are countless nightmare stories about people who spent $10 000 on a Tempur mattress which they then hated and were stuck with.

Back and neck support

You are doing yourself one of the biggest favours in the world if you buy a mattress with inbuilt support. Especially if you suffer from back and/or neck complaints. Beds for Backs have a range of ergonomic beds to suit all problems.

Custom made Beds

If you and your partner have very different needs you should consider a custom bed. If you differ greatly in size you may need different comfort layers. If you have back complaints you should consider a mattress or bed base which is adjustable for each partner.

Beds for Backs have a number of beds which are custom made or can be adjusted for each partner

  • The Couples Bed allows you to dictate the comfort layer for each side, the shoulder pressure relief for each side and the softness of the springs for each side. A 100kg man will want a softer shoulder, firmer springs and firmer comfort layers. His 50kg partner will want the opposite.
  • The Select beds come with a zipper so comfort layers can be changed.
  • The Zero Stress Dial Base allows for full adjustability for each partner
  • The Active Range allows you to alter the back support zone on each side, depending on your height.

Mattress Protectors and Pillows

Always get a mattress protector for your new mattress. Waterproof is best. This protects your bed from mould and mildew as well as spills and stains. Your mattress will last longer too.

The effectiveness of your pillow can be dependent on the mattress you use. A thicker mattress which you sink into may require a higher profile pillow for example. If you sleep hot, memory foam is not the right material for you. The salesperson should give you the right advice about which pillow is best for you. Never skimp on pillows!

Try it out for as long as you like

Don’t be shy! You need to lie on a bed for 10 minutes plus to see if you really like it. A good salesperson will grab you the right pillow and have all the time in the world for you to try out the mattress.

After Sales

Check out the After Sales Care

You need to sleep on a bed for at least 3 weeks to “break it in” before you decide. Mattresses usually arrive tighter and firmer, a bit like a leather shoe. After 3 weeks of sleeping on it, that will be the bed as it is supposed to be and should stay like that for at least 10 years.

All good bed shops will give you some time to try out your bed once it is delivered to see if you like it. If not you should be able to exchange it for another, up to at least 60 days after receiving delivery of it.

House Calls

You won’t get these from many bed shops. However Beds for Backs offers home visits to people who buy ergonomic beds in order to iron out any problems. Check out our reviews on Product Review and Google from customers who were over the moon with our after sales care.


Have a celebration with your partner once you have made the right purchase. You will have many years of restful sleep on the right mattress.