How to Buy the Right Mattress for Your Body

How to Buy the Right Mattress for Your Body

Buy the Right Mattress for Your Body in Six Easy Steps 

The experience of buying a mattress gets a really bad wrap. And we totally understand why… Pushy sales people, confusing claims and products, that quite frankly, don’t do what they say they will. We’ve seen it all before. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips on how to buy the right mattress for your body. Armed with the right information, you can rest assured that the experience of buying a mattress is a worthy investment in your wellbeing, not an expensive waste of time.

1. Learn, test & compare because a mattress is an investment in your own wellbeing

That’s right, buying a mattress is a long term investment in your happiness, health and wellbeing. Take the time and effort to make the best choice. No one wants to look back regret their decision 5 years down the road… and buy the right bed for your body and your lifestyle. Make sure you’re getting:
a) the right information
b) great service from someone who knows what they’re talking about
c) value for money – investing in a mattress is an investment in your own wellbeing, but you should always be searching for the best option for your body and your budget.
Buy the most supportive, best quality mattress you can afford. A great sleep sets you up for the day. A cheap bed isn’t a bargain if you’re sacrificing your sleep.

2. Shop with your partner 

If you’re buying a bed for two, you’ll both need to make the decision. Dual comfort zones might be ideal or maybe you can find a happy medium by selecting an option that allows you to adjust each side of the bed independently.

3. What size bed will you choose? 

Choose a mattress where you have enough room to move. This goes for both of you if you’re buying a bed with a partner. Measure the space where the bed will go. It’s also handy to measure the doorways the bed will need to move through to ensure it will fit in the room!

4. Health needs or special bed features

Today you have the ability to customise your bed from a choice of mattresses and bases made with various technologies and components. Think about the qualities you need in a bed: do you need help with back pain or a bed that soothes muscle and joint pains? Do you need to minimise partner disturbance? maybe you want to avoid setting off allergies or alleviate your tendency to sleep hot. You should make note of what you want in a bed and make sure you’re choosing the option that best suits your body and your needs.

5. Test it! Try before you buy

Lie on the bed for at least 10 minutes – don’t be shy. At Beds for Backs our experienced sleep experts will help you find the perfect mattress for your body and your budget, but we recommend trying a variety of mattresses before making the decision. You’ll know the feeling when you find the right mattress for your body. Try the bed with your partner. Lie in your usual sleeping position and ensure your hips and shoulders are comfortable. You can’t judge if the bed has the correct amount of comfort and support just by sitting on the edge! A good mattress will gently cradle your body at all points and keep your spine in good alignment, mirroring correct standing posture, regardless of your preferred sleeping position. For that to happen, you’ll need a mattress that offers contoured support… Your spine isn’t flat, so your mattress shouldn’t be either.

6. Buy for longevity

Ensure your mattress is durable. Durability will determine how long your bed lasts. Quality bed manufacturers back up their product with a 5- or 10-year guarantee. Ask our sleep specialists whether your mattress choice comes with a guarantee